Chris Cardone

Data-driven digital marketing manager.





Hi! I am Chris, I am a Boston Digital Marketing Manager and Consultant. My specialty is increasing social media engagement and attraction, as well as generating leads with content offers and trials.

Why work with me; I have over the years learned how to build up every company to the point in which they want to be. I have simplified how companies market by marketing smarter and more efficiently bringing in larger numbers of customers and higher revenue.

My Portfolio


Working to promote a new type of budget tracking and management. Curating blog posts and promoting them cross-platforms in order to increase engagement and sales with the common goal of email collection.


Working to increase the companies revenue, bookings, and client experience. I built out automation that used channels to make it look personal, in order to complete a VIP experience every client was looking for. I produced ads and social media marketing that increased out bookings to the highest the business has ever seen.


Working to increase the companies account retention and orders, by creating custom email marketing and site development making them wholesale and retail. Including implementing systems that helped launch a conversation with new accounts right after their information was collected. I worked hand-and-hand with sales to create a stream line sales workflow that got new customers in and ordering asap and helped the life-long customers order more efficently. 

My Skills

  • Social Media Development
  • Workflow Creation
  • Email Copy
  • Google & Facebook Ads
  • Content Offer Landing Pages
  • Marketing Analytics Interpretation
  • SEO & Google Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Advertisement Development
  • PR Outreach
  • Drip Campaign Development
  • Workflow Development
  • Market Research
  • Project Management