Why GIFs are the new "it" for marketing

Ever want to convey something but an image won't cut it?

giphy (5).gif

Audiences pay attention 88% more when viewing a video (or gif) instead of an image, so why not give it a shot?

GIFs also have a faster load time so when someone opens your email is will have a higher likely hood of being ready to display.

Suggested Use Case

My favorite use case is a GIF from a video you want your users to watch, here is an example; which are you more likely to click?

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.12.21 PM.png

Might not be the fairest comparison, however, it gets the point across, you're eye will go to the thing in motion before the standstill image.

giphy-downsized (1).gif

Biggest Concern: "GIFs aren't professional, they're childish" Not long ago the thought of including an image that wasn't a logo into an email we "unprofessional" this thought process was quickly dismissed when marketers saw their click rates skyrocket.

I always suggest "Brand Appropriate" GIFs, i.e., If you're a wedding photography company maybe you include a gif of photos being captured at a wedding.

Of course, you should always think about your age demographic; if your demographic is 25 or below as a majority, GIFs might not be a bad thing to try.

I will always recommend that you do a trial period, test out sending something with a GIF to 20% of your audience in a cluster sampling method. Then use a calculation like this;

Previous Click Percent from the most recent campaign (decimal): X

Percent of your audience you're sending it out to (decimal): Y

New Click Rate from the new audience (decimal): Z

(X÷Y) - Z = How well this did.

Using this will help you decide whether GIFs work well for your audience. 

Please note: I am not taking into account of how an ISP would read the email.