Chris Cardone is a Boston Marketing Consultant and Professional that focuses on company growth in a way that scales with the company. Including working with publishers, creating eye-catching and revenue increasing ads and working with video producers to create, produce, and deliver ads that convey the overall company message.



C&C Design Studio - Marketing Director

Working to increase the companies revenue, bookings, and client experience. I built out automation that used channels to make it look personal, in order to complete a VIP experience every client was looking for. I produced ads and social media marketing that increased out bookings to the highest the business has ever seen.

Mabrouk Imports - Marketing Director

Working to increase the companies account retention and orders, by creating custom email marketing and site development making them wholesale and retail. Including implementing systems that helped launch a conversation with new accounts right after their information was collected. I worked hand-and-hand with sales to create a stream line sales workflow that got new customers in and ordering asap and helped the life-long customers order more efficently. 



  • Social Media Development
  • Marketing Analytics Interpretation
  • SEO & Google Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Advertisement Development
  • PR Outreach
  • Drip Campaign Development
  • Workflow Development
  • Market Research
  • Project Management


  • Boston Voyager - Boston's Top 50
  • Style Up Magazine - Published